Drawings, Paintings & Sketches

My page for all the art I do on a daily basis.

Digital Drawings

“22 Shades of Grey” Self Portrait (Cartoon) November 2015

“Ashleigh-anne Arca”
Digital Drawing
May 2016

“Squeekle” Digital Drawing March 2016

(Project for school, character development for “My Singing Monsters” Belonging to Big Blue Bubble)

“Revolver” Digital Drawing March 2015

“RPG7” Digital Drawing March 2015

“Assault Rifle” Digital Drawing 2015


Photograph of “Mighty Mustang” Sketch October 2016

Old antique gun, digital sketch


“Van Gogh 2.0” Acrylic on canvas September 2014

“Harmonious Violence” Spray Paint and Acrylic on canvas/wall
September 2014-April 2015