Challenge of Champions

I created this project along side my classmate Ally Smith. We each were in charge of a character design and equally in charge of environmental design. On this page you can see all of the steps to creating my character “Nimwen”. Her opposing characters name is “Morwen” which is the half-brother of mine. The animatic portion shows the beginning of their extraordinary fighting scene.

  • Role Nimwen Design, Environment Design, Lighting, Rendering, Lip Animation, Animation, MoCap, Voice
  • For Fanshawe College
  • Date April 2016
  • Type Animatic
  • URL

Final Animatic

Story Board



Outline Variants

Colour Variants

Final Design and Background Story


Ortho Sculpt

Final Sculpt

This is the high poly sculpt I used to bake for the low poly normal maps


Environment Line Art

Environment Mood Board

Character Textures

2048 x 2048 Character Diffuse Texture #1

2048 x 2048 Character Diffuse Texture #2

Environment Textures

2048x2048 Tillable Texture For the Walls

4096x4096 Texture

We wanted 2 of the walls to be different in the animatic, to give the enviro more interest, so we opted for a red wallpapered wall thats peeling to reveal the same brick that we used throughout the environment.

2048x2048 Ceiling Texture
Provided By: Ally Smith

1024x1024 Texture for all of the doors and the Pillars.

2048x2048 Tillable Texture for the Floor
Provided By : Ally Smith

1024x1024 Texture for the middle step piece featured in the animatic.
Provided By: Ally Smith